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Researchers Use Computer Models to Study Dark Matter

A team of researchers is using computer simulations to study the hypothetical particle that physicists call dark matter. Dark matter is a hypothesized form of matter particle that doesn’t reflect or emit electromagnetic radiation. Physicists have guessed at its existence based on their observation of gravitational effects on physical matter, such as stars and galaxies. Researchers from the Paris Institute of Astrophysics, Ohio State University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created detailed computer simulations exploring the density profiles of possible dark-matter voids in more detail than previous studies. The scientists could use the simulations to compare theory and prior simulations with observational data. The researchers published their findings in the journal Physical Review Letters. (American Physical Society)(Physical Review Letters)

Researchers Explain Unusual Properties of Semiconductor Materials

The Ohio State University scientists have offered an initial theory as how the properties of two materials unexpectedly change when layered together. The materials lanthanum aluminate and strontium titanate are fairly unexciting until they are sandwiched together. Then, they are both conductive and magnetic. These properties were initially discovered in 2004, but no explanation for how they interact at their interface was offered until now. Understanding how these materials work together could enable researchers to invent new forms of integrated computational and data storage devices, say the researchers. It could also lead to the exploration of other oxide material combinations. This research was published in the journal Nature Physics. (EurekAlert)(The Ohio State University)(Nature Physics)

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