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Berlin Is the First City with Its own Internet Domain

Berlin is the first city to have its own Internet domain name, allowing those based in Germany’s capital to register an address ending in .berlin. Those wishing to obtain Berlin Web addresses—which will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis—will pay €50 (about $70) each per year. ICANN expanded the number of available generic top-level domains—including those for cities—in 2011 to accommodate the Web’s expansion. The German cities of Hamburg and Cologne are reportedly planning to have their own domains, as are other large cities worldwide, including London, New York City, Paris, and Rome. (PhysOrg)(BBC)


ICANN Approves New Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has approved and released a list of 27 new Top Level Domain names. All of these are reportedly non-English domain names, which are primarily Chinese and Arabic language domain names. At least one of these is designated for regional telcos. ICANN says it will be releasing 30 Initial Evaluations per week and will eventually release 100 per week. It expects to have all these published by the end of August 2013. (SlashDot)(V3.co.uk)(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - 1)(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – 2)

Major Registrar Rescinds Some Domain Application, Focusing on Partner Services

Go Daddy, a large Internet domain registrar and Web hosting firm, announced it has withdrawn its applications for two new generic top-level domains that the company would control to focus on providing services to its registry partners. The company had applied to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to for the domains .home and .casa. By not administering new domains, Go Daddy says it will be better able to focus on its registry and hosting customers, stated Richard Merdinger, Go Daddy’s vice president for domain-registration services. The company is continuing its application for the domain .godaddy, which it plans to use for its products. (datacentre.me)(Arizona Central)(The Web Host Industry Review) 

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