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Firefox, Safari Share of Browser Market Falls

A new study has found that Mozilla Firefox’s and Apple Safari’s share of worldwide desktop and mobile browser users has fallen in the past two months. According to the research by Web-market-analysis firm Net Applications, Firefox’s total overall market share for June 2014 was 12.9 percent, the lowest in five years. Computerworld said the problem is Mozilla’s “inability to attract a mobile audience.” Moreover, the Firefox desktop version’s user share has fallen for the eighth consecutive month, dropping to 15.4 percent. Safari attracted 12.3 percent of browser users, down from 13.1 percent two months earlier. Its market share among mobile-only users dropped 14 percent to 7.8 percent in 90 days, according to Computerworld, which looked at changes between the April and June Net Applications figures. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer leads desktop browsers with a 58.4 percent market share, up slightly from 57.8 percent in April 2014. However, its mobile browser use was static at only 2 percent. Its overall browser market share is unchanged since April at 48.4 percent. Google had a combined desktop and mobile market share of 22.6 percent, up 1.5 percent compared to two months earlier. Opera Software’s share rose from 1.8 percent in April to 2.2 percent in June. (Computerworld)

Mozilla Elicits Controversy with Ads in New Firefox Browser Tabs

Mozilla is bucking customer opinion by adding advertisements to newly launched tabs in its Firefox browser. When Mozilla announced in February it would try adding advertisements to its Firefox browser when a new tab opens, users complained about them. Mozilla now says new versions of the browser may include what it calls promotional tiles on a newly launched tab pages featuring ads for Mozilla sites and other sites. Typically, Firefox shows “tiles” or views of pages the user has frequently visited when a new tab is opened.  One of these can be launched when double-clicked. This would change to include advertisements. Currently, Internet Explorer is the only major browser with advertising—for its Bing search engine—on its pages. (Telegraph)(Computerworld)(Gizmodo)

Mozilla Patches Vulnerabilities Exposed During Hacking Contest

The Mozilla Foundation has issued patches for five vulnerabilities discovered by researchers during the recent Pwn2Own hacking contest. The Foundation gave a total of $200,000 to the researchers for finding the flaws in applications including Firefox 28, Firefox on Android, and Firefox OS. Pwn2Own participants also found vulnerabilities in applications from other developers. (Computerworld)(Threat Post)

Firefox OS Phone Debut Set

The first Firefox OS phone is scheduled for release in Spain later this week. Telefónica is selling the ZTC Open with for $90  with a prepaid subscription. The operating system is being touted as an alternative for less expensive smartphones and is competing against Android and Nokia Asha phones. Telefónica will soon offer Firefox OS phones in Colombia and Venezuela. The company says it expects other manufacturers—including LG Electronics, Huawei Technologies, and Sony—to soon offer Firefox OS smartphones. Deutsche Telekom is reportedly planning to launch its own Firefox OS handset and Norway’s Telenor is slated to start offering Firefox OS phones in Central and Eastern Europe later this year. The OS is not expected to appear in the US until 2014. (Computerworld)(PC Mag)

Firefox Plans Default Blocking of Browser Plug-Ins

Mozilla has announced that its Firefox Internet browser will soon block all browser plug-ins—except Adobe Flash Player—by default. Mozilla says this will eliminate the exploitation of vulnerabilities that lead to “drive-by” downloads, which cripple unwitting users’ computers when they access an infected website. Hackers are increasingly targeting browser plug-ins such as Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java. Future iterations of Firefox will use the click-to-play approach, which asks users for approval each time they need a plug-in. Mozilla says this will improve browser performance and stability, in addition to adding security. (NBCNews.com)(Mozilla Security Blog)

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