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Brazil Plans to Augment World Cup Security with Robots

Brazilian law enforcement will get high-tech assistance during the 2014 World Cup soccer games from 30 robots. The national government purchased the machines for $7.2 million. They will be stationed in the 12 host cities during the soccer matches and will primarily be used to help examine any suspicious objects. The small and sturdy robot, which weighs roughly 40 pounds, is designed to fit in a backpack such that a human can deploy it immediately. It is able to reach speeds of up to 9 miles/hour and can navigate uneven and steep terrain, but it is also submersible at depths of up to 2 meters. The PackBot robot is made by Bedford, Massachusetts-based iRobot. It was first deployed in 2002 in Afghanistan and has since been used by the military in Iraq and several other countries. The PackBot was also the first remote controlled robot to enter the Fukushima nuclear facility after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. (SlashDot)(International Business Times UK)(Robohub) 

Robots Assist Firefighters by Creating 3D Thermal Maps

University of California, San Diego, researchers created several new image processing techniques that enable robots to quickly create 3D thermal images of fires, which can assist rescuers. The Segway-like mobile robots created by the Coordinated Robotics Lab are equipped with an infrared camera and software that take thermal data captured as it moves through a burning structure, then maps it onto a 3D scene that it produces from a pair of stereo RGB cameras. This information creates a 3D map with temperature data the first responders can use instantly. Other sensors can gather information to determine factors such as the building’s structural integrity and whether gasses are present. The robot can also search for anyone trapped in the fire. The robot is designed to be used as part of a team of scouting robots for residential and commercial fires. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department as well as from ATA Engineering, L-P3, and Brain Corporation collaborated on the project. The researchers plan to present their work at the 2014 International Conference on Robotics and Automation. (redOrbit)(University of California, San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering) 

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