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Networked Lighting Systems Vulnerable to Attack

A UK-based security firm found a vulnerability in a Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulb that lets hackers control the lights and gain network information. Context Information Security found a way to access a “master bulb” in a mesh network of LIFX lights—Wi-Fi-enabled, multicolor, energy-efficient LED bulbs that users can control via their smartphones. This enabled the company’s researchers to control all the bulbs in the system and expose network-configuration details. LIFX Labs has patched the problem, issued a firmware update, and added encryption to its systems. Context issued a detailed description of the exploit on its website (contextis.co.uk/blog/hacking-internet-connected-light-bulbs). The firm says this work was part of its ongoing research designed to show that security is not a high priority for many of the devices built to become part of the Internet of Things. The company has already found vulnerable computer printers, baby monitors, and children’s toys. (SlashDot)(Context @ RealWire)(Context)

Wi-Fi Mesh Network Could Augment Mobile Phones in Emergencies

German researchers say wireless routers used in homes and offices could provide critical backup communications in emergencies in case a mobile-phone network fails. Technical University Darmstadt scientists  say because Wi-Fi routers are so commonly used, first responders could utilize them if cellular communication networks crash or are critically congested. The researchers surveyed Darmstadt and found 212 public routers that could easily be formed into a mesh network by first responders without compromising users’ privacy. They say city officials would have to design a mechanism that emergency workers could activate to provide access to Internet-based voice and data services via a Wi-Fi router’s “guest” node, a function that allows visitors to use a Wi-Fi network. The researchers published their work in the International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation. (PhysOrg)(TechWorld)(Deutsche Welle)(AFP @ Securityweek)(International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation)

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