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3D Printing Helps Restore Man’s Face Following Accident

Welsh surgeons used 3D printing to reconstruct the badly injured face of a man injured in a motorcycle accident. They claim it is the first surgery in which 3D printing was used at every stage in the procedure. The 29-year-old man, despite wearing a helmet, had multiple facial fractures and a skull fracture in the 2012 accident. Surgeons at Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales—working with Cardiff Metropolitan University scientists—first used computed tomography scans and a 3D printer to create and print a symmetrical 3D model of the patient’s skull. They were then able to create precisely designed cutting guides and plates before beginning the eight-hour surgery.  (BBC)(AFP @ Yahoo! News)

New Techniques Perform 3D Modeling of the Human Heart

A team of University of Minnesota surgeons and biomedical engineers are using new technologies to create a digital library of human heart specimens and enable 3D computer modeling and mapping of hearts. This capability could let researchers see the structure and function of cardiac tissue, enabling them to better understand variations in the heart and how it changes in the presence of disease. It could also aid in the design of new cardiac devices. The University of Minnesota techniques use contrast-computed tomography, which uses dyes in the imaging process to allow the blood vessels and other structures to be better seen. The researchers are using human heart specimens from organ donors that have been found not to be usable for transplant. They published their work as a Journal of Visualized Experiments video article. (EurekAlert)(The Journal of Visualized Experiments  @ EurekAlert)

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