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Security Researcher Thwarts Attempt to Frame Him for Heroin Possession

A US-based Internet-security researcher has discovered and blocked a hacker’s attempt to frame him for possession of heroin. Researcher Brian Krebs claims a Russian cybercrime forum’s administrator devised a plan to purchase heroin using bitcoin donations from other forum members and deliver the drugs to Krebs. A compatriot was then supposed to pretend to be a concerned neighbor and call the police to raid the researcher’s house.Krebs, however, saw the plot unfold while monitoring the Russian website and contacted the FBI and local police, who took the drugs once they arrived. Krebs noted that this is not the first attempt by cybercriminals to cause problems for him that might dissuade him from reporting on them. “One called in a phony hostage situation that resulted in a dozen heavily armed police surrounding my home,” he wrote. “Another opened a $20,000 new line of credit in my name. Others sent more than $1,000 in bogus PayPal donations from hacked accounts. Still more ‘admirers’ paid my cable bill for the next three years using stolen credit cards. Malware authors have even used my name and likeness to peddle their wares.” (BBC)(Krebs on Security) 

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