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European Tech Firms Demonstrate Ultrafast Data Rates over Fiber

UK telecommunications company BT and French equipment provider Alcatel-Lucent recently conducted a field trial in which they transmitted data at 1.4 Tbits per second over an existing 410-kilometer (255-mile) commercial fiber-optic link. The speed is sufficient to transmit 44 uncompressed high-definition films per second. Currently, the fastest service available in the UK, provided by Virgin Media, is 120 megabits per second, on average. The companies used a new networking technology called Flexgrid which let them decrease the gaps between transmission channels on the fiber from 50 to 35 GHz. By increasing the density of channels, BT and Alcatel-Lucent increased transmission efficiency by 42.5. The work could let carriers increase transmission capacity using their existing infrastructure. (SlashDot)(BBC)(Alcatel-Lucent) 

Scientists Investigate New Fiber Optics Material

Clemson University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers are exploring readily available materials that could be used in place of silica for optical fiber. Today, the large amount of light packed into fibers causes silica to vibrate so much that it creates sound energy. This reduces the fiber’s information-carrying capacity. The Clemson scientists are studying sapphire, among other materials, as a way to avoid these problems. However, sapphire cannot yet be made into optical fiber using conventional commercial methods.  The researchers published their work in Nature Photonics. (EurekAlert)(Clemson University)(Nature Photonics)

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