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Huawei Operations in UK Prompt Increased Government Oversight

British national security adviser Kim Darroch is issuing a report saying the nation’s officials should have the last word on any business deals that involve critical national infrastructure. This comes well after the 2005 deal between two telecommunications firms—the UK’s BT Group and China’s Huawei Technologies—without any ministerial oversight. Huawei provides equipment for the nation’s 21st Century infrastructure upgrade (21CN), which allowed it to “become embedded” in the nation’s critical infrastructure without any critical review. Among the concerns are possible state-sponsored espionage or cyberattacks. In addition, the US has expressed similar concern about Huawei’s ties to the Chinese government, going so far as to block it from providing hardware to telecommunications firms.  Darroch has also recommended additional government scrutiny at Huawei’s facility in Banbury, UK. The company opened the center in 2010 to test its new hardware and software for vulnerabilities before they were added to the UK’s critical infrastructure. (Reuters)(Fortune)(The Wall Street Journal)(Financial Times)

Cyberattacks against US Infrastructure Are Increasingly Likely

Security experts predict that new cyberattacks against US targets may hit important infrastructure elements rather than corporate networks or other IT assets. Hackers could focus on remotely-controlled and –monitored infrastructure systems originally constructed without security considerations such as those for street lights, building security, sewers, oil-transport pipelines, prison security. DARPA is identifying and mapping security vulnerabilities in these systems. National Public Radio reports that “close to 200 cyberattacks on critical infrastructure” were reported to the US Department of Homeland Security in the past year. The Presidential Policy Directive on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience, released 12 February, is designed to address such incidents, but critics say more definitive action is necessary. (NPR)(Politico)(International Affairs Review)

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