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Getty Makes Photo Catalogue Available

Getty Images, a well-known professional photo catalogue, announced it is making its library of 35 million images available for noncommercial use. Its Embedded Viewer tool gives users the ability to search for and share Getty’s stock photos on websites, blogs, and social media. Getty officials say their new tool is designed to stop copyright-infringing uses. The embedded player creates an iframe for the image that includes its copyright information as well as a link to licensing information. The tool will also enable Getty to see how its images are used. Getty Images has a library of 150 million images. (PC Mag)(The Telegraph)(Getty Images) 

Controversial Businessman’s New File-Sharing Service Is already Fielding Complaints

The new file-sharing service that controversial tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom recently created has reportedly already begun receiving notices to remove copyrighted material. Mega, launched earlier this month, has reportedly fielded 150 copyright warnings since launching. Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz in Germany) still faces extradition from New Zealand to the US in connection with his now-shuttered Megaupload site for allegedly committing crimes related to online piracy. He started Mega earlier this year. (Gizmodo)(The Conversation)(Computerworld)

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