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Networked Lighting Systems Vulnerable to Attack

A UK-based security firm found a vulnerability in a Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulb that lets hackers control the lights and gain network information. Context Information Security found a way to access a “master bulb” in a mesh network of LIFX lights—Wi-Fi-enabled, multicolor, energy-efficient LED bulbs that users can control via their smartphones. This enabled the company’s researchers to control all the bulbs in the system and expose network-configuration details. LIFX Labs has patched the problem, issued a firmware update, and added encryption to its systems. Context issued a detailed description of the exploit on its website (contextis.co.uk/blog/hacking-internet-connected-light-bulbs). The firm says this work was part of its ongoing research designed to show that security is not a high priority for many of the devices built to become part of the Internet of Things. The company has already found vulnerable computer printers, baby monitors, and children’s toys. (SlashDot)(Context @ RealWire)(Context)

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