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UK Educators Express Concerns about Children’s Excessive Tablet Use

UK teachers say they are seeing children entering nursery school who can use tablet computing devices and are concerned this is hindering young students’ progress in school. They say some of these youngsters can’t perform basic manipulation tasks such as stacking blocks. At a meeting of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference in Manchester, UK, Colin Kinney, a teacher in Northern Ireland, said that in older students, the excessive use of technology damages their attention spans and causes behavioral problems such as irritability and a lack of impulse control. In younger students, socialization is a problem. Also, teachers said, when information is always available to older students via Internet-connected devices, they struggle with tasks such as memorization and retaining information. The association is calling for more research into the issue and seeking advice on how to address it with students. (SlashDot)(The Guardian)

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