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Mass Router Failure Remains Unexplained

Belkin International has not explained the cause of a mass outage of its routers on 7 October 2014, which resulted in users not being able to connect to the Internet. The failure, primarily in older wireless routers, occurred when the devices checked for general network connectivity through a site that Belkin hosts. Belkin says the issue has been fixed. However, the company has not yet explained what caused the outages and has not indicated what actions would be taken to prevent such issues in the future. Some media outlets—such as PC World —have speculated that a firmware update caused the problem. (Tech Crunch)(PC World)

Belkin Home Automation Vulnerability Uncovered

Security researchers asked consumers to stop using Belkin’s WeMo home automation products after finding various vulnerabilities in the items that attackers could use  to gain access to home networks, thermostats, or other connected devices. The line of products enable individuals to use their IOS and Android smartphones and computers to remotely control items including light switches, Web cams, motion sensors, and other home appliances. They were found to be exposing the password and cryptographic signing key used to ensure that firmware updates are valid, stated IOActive, a security firm. The US Computer Emergency Response Team issued a vulnerability note with five identified issues in the products. Belkin, in an 18 February 2014 statement, says it has fixed the vulnerabilities, which include updates to the API server, firmware, and application that could have possibly allowed the devices to be attacked. (Ars Technica)(eWeek)(IO Active)(Belkin) 

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