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Researchers Design Secure Browser

University of California, San Diego, computer scientists have developed a secure browser design that uses a new security verification approach. Typically, browser security is based on a model or abstraction and not the actual browser. Hackers can exploit the gap or difference between how the browser functions in the abstraction and actual browser. The researchers’ formal shim verification technique corrects this by formally proving that the browser implementation itself is correct by using a proof assistant to determine if the code meets the specifications. The researchers tested their approach on a browser they created called Quark. Verification is typically time-consuming and requires a great deal of code; however, formal shim verification creates a small browser kernel. It is only this part of the code in their browser – the portion most vulnerable to attack -- that is verified. The researchers presented their work at the 21st Usenix Security Symposium. (PhysOrg)(University of California, San Diego – news release)(University of California, San Diego – paper)

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