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Microsoft Reveals Features in Upcoming Windows Blue

Microsoft leaked some of the features that will be available in Windows 8.1. –  also known as Windows Blue – when it launches later this year. Notably, it is returning the Start button to the user interface. The lack of the button in Windows 8 had engendered controversy. The button will not launch the Start Menu, but will instead activate the system’s tile-based interface. The new OS will also reportedly provide users with the option to boot directly to the desktop as well as into other locations. The new iteration of Windows also will offer users varying options for desktop elements, including an option to use a photo slideshow as a lock screen and Snap views. No official release date has been provided by Microsoft, which has indicated it would be available in time for the holiday buying season. (BBC)(PC World)(ZD Net)(Microsoft Windows Blog)

Microsoft Plans to Update Controversial Windows 8

Microsoft executives are dropping hints about an update for the oft-criticized Windows 8 scheduled for later this year. Codenamed “Blue,” the update would enable the company’s software products to work on devices with smaller screens. Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows, said during the Wired Developer Conference that a public preview of the Windows 8 update will be available prior to the Microsoft developers’ conference in June. This Windows version has come under fire for its new user interface, which International Data Corp., a market research firm, says is significantly contributing to the PC market’s erosion. Although there have been rumors the impending update might address some of the rampant criticism, Larson-Green claims there will be no major changes. (CNET -- 1)(ZDNet)(CNET -- 2)(Windows Blog)

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