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States Probe Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Several states, including Florida and Indiana, are reviewing how the planned merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable might affect their residents. And several are joining the US Department of Justice to determine whether the transaction is legal under US antitrust law. A Comcast-Time Warner merger would control a third of the US pay-television video and high-speed Internet markets. US Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has petitioned the Justice Department, to protect the Internet as it evaluates the merger, writing, “I am concerned that Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable could compromise the open nature of the Internet.” “I am very concerned that Comcast could use its clout in the broadband market to dictate the content consumers receive and the prices they pay, and these concerns are only intensified by Comcast’s proposal to acquire Time Warner Cable,” he added. (The Hill)(Ars Technica)(Sen. Al Franken Website)(Reuters)

T-Mobile-MetroPCS Merger Is Complete

T-Mobile announced the completion of its mobile-communications merger with MetroPCS. The combined wireless company will now trade under the ticker symbol TMUS. The new company will be known as T-Mobile US. The addition of 10 million new customers has given T-Mobile—the US’s fourth-largest mobile carrier—a total of 43 million customers. T-Mobile and MetroPCS will operate as separate brands. (Mashable)(CNET)(T-Mobile US)

Dish Network Bids $25.5 Billion for Sprint

Satellite TV provider Dish Network has submitted an informal $25.5 billion bid for Sprint Nextel, upping a previous offer from Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank. Dish has offered Sprint shareholders $4.76 in cash and roughly $2.24 in stock that would be financed through $17.3 billion in cash and debt financing. SoftBank offered $20.1 billion in October 2012. Sprint—the third-biggest US cellular provider with 56 million subscribers—has yet to comment on the Dish proposal. Sprint is currently the No. 3 cellphone service provider in the United States with 56 million subscribers nationwide. (ZDNet)(CNNMoney)(The New York Times)(Dish)

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