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Demand for NoSQL, Big Data Skills Rises

Recent technology-job postings show that employers are increasingly seeking job candidates with -database skills. Posting for NoSQL skills increased 54 percent “year over year,” according to the Dice.com career website, which provided no specific time frame details. Demand for these skills is increasing because corporations are collecting more data from both internal and external sources, according to the site. Other increases in popular skills were 46 percent for those related to Big Data, 43 percent for those specifically related to Apache Hadoop, 27 percent for those related to cloud computing, 20 percent for those related to software as a service, and 16 percent for those related to Python. Other types of jobs growing in popularity include those using analytics or open-source software. (SlashDot)(Dice.com)

US Electrical-Engineering Hiring Slumps

The number of employed electrical engineers in the US dropped 10.4 percent in 2013, according to the IEEE-USA’s newly released analysis of US Labor Department data. This represents a loss of 35,000 jobs, which moved the profession’s unemployment rate to 4.8 percent. According to the Labor Department data, 300,000 people now work as electrical engineers in the US. In 2002, this number was 385,000. Rochester Institute of Technology assistant professor of public policy Ron Hira told Computerworld the findings are “truly disturbing.” “Just like America's manufacturing has been hollowed out by offshoring and globalization,” he explained, “it appears that electrical and electronics engineering is heading that way.” (SlashDot)(Computerworld)

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