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Japanese Robotic Astronauts Set to Travel to Space Station

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency announced plans to send two robots to the International Space Station in August. The Kibo Robot Project, founded to explore human-robot interaction. created Kirobo and backup robot Mirata. The small robots have capabilities such as voice and facial recognition, and the ability to communicate in Japanese. At the space station, Kirobo is expected to converse with Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata. . The Robo Garage, Toyota, the University of Tokyo, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are working on the project. (SlashDot)(Discovery News)(Kibo Robot Project @ YouTube)

Academic Researchers Create Bubble-Based Display

Scientists have developed what they claim is the world’s thinnest screen. They made the display from a soap bubble-like material on which they can project either flat or 3D images. The researchers—from the University of Tokyo, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Tsukuba—used ultrasonic sound waves emitted from speakers to alter the surface of a bubble made from colloidal materials, those in which one substance is microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another. The material is difficult to puncture and thus, users can interact directly with it. The concept is based on the dynamic bidirectional reflectance distribution function, which defines how light is reflected at an opaque surface. The researchers say multiple membrane-based screens could be used in combination, such as for museums or exhibitions because the novel, spherical displays would attract viewers. They will demonstrate their technology at SIGGRAPH 2012, to be held in Los Angeles 5 through 9 August. (PhysOrg)(SIGGRAPH 2012)

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