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UK Funds 5G Mobile Research

Mobile operators, infrastructure providers, and the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund have given the University of Surrey £35 million (about $56 million) to create a 5G Innovation Centre and develop energy-efficient, affordable fifth-generation wireless technologies that would be available commercially by 2020. Standards organizations haven’t defined 5G yet, but it is expected to yield speeds of up to 200 Mbps. Private companies contributing to the research include Huawei, Samsung, and Telefónica Europe. (BBC)(The Engineer)(The University of Surrey)

Researchers Discover Link between Flame, Stuxnet

Kaspersky Lab researchers claim they have found evidence showing the creators of the Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame cyberweapons cooperated at least once. The researchers found a module known as Resource 207 that appears in the Stuxnet worm and is similar to code used in the Flame malware toolkit. The finding prompted researchers to rescind their previous assertion that the two attacks were unrelated. They also determined that Flame existed originally as a platform within Stuxnet as early as 2008. Alan Woodward, a security expert and University of Surrey professor , told the BBC that the findings are interesting but do not clearly indicate the party behind the attacks. “The fact that they shared source code further suggests that it wasn’t just someone copying or reusing one bit of Stuxnet or Flame that they had found in the wild, but rather those that wrote the code passed it over,” he said. “At the very least, it suggests there are two groups capable of building this type of codeFlame, Stuxnet, Kaspersky Lab, University of Surrey but they are somehow collaborating, albeit only in a minor way.” (BBC)(Securelist – Kaspersky Lab blog)

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