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Study: Social Media Users Shy Away from Endorsements

Although social media sites aim to effectively sell ads targeted to their users, new research shows that people are unlikely to use these services to endorse products they like. The study—from researchers with the Imperial College Business School, Cornell University, the Leeds University Business School, the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, and the University of Melbourne’s Department of Management and Marketing—finds that social media users prefer to share such opinions with family and friends in person rather than with their online followers. “[O]ur report shows that when it comes to sharing recommendations on products and services on these sites, users tend to stay quiet,” stated report co-author and Imperial College Business School associate professor Andreas Eisingerich, “They would rather communicate via word of mouth because many users don't want to embarrass themselves online as work colleagues or acquaintances may not endorse or appreciate the same products that they do.” He added, “Our report could influence how businesses spend advertising budgets on social media websites.” The researchers published their work in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. (EurekAlert)(Imperial College)

DARPA Creating Robotic Hands

DARPA, which is conducting numerous robotics-related projects designed to aid US soldiers in the field, has created a low-cost robotic hand. The latest work by its Autonomous Robotic Manipulation program is a step toward creating robots with dexterous hands. The agency designed its new device to cost $3,000. A robot was able to use the new hand to change a tire by itself. The new hands could be key to developing robots able to operate autonomously in the field on tasks such as finding and defusing improvised explosive devices or inspecting suspicious packages. DARPA is collaborating with researchers from iRobot, the US Sandia National Laboratory, the University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, and NASA to create a robotic arm with multifingered hands. (CNET)(Gizmodo)(DARPA Autonomous Robotic Manipulation)

Professor Releases 3D-Modeling-Software Library


University of Southern California assistant Jernej Barbi? has released what he claims is the world’s most comprehensive library of open source 3D-deformable-modeling software. 3D deformable modeling is an approach used in computer graphics – particularly in animation and game development – to create complex images. Vega is a package of tools that let users manipulate – bend, stretch or twist --  a wide range of simple and complex 3D objects in real time. Barbi? said he will regularly update Vega, which he expects users to incorporate in 3D animation packages and employ in various applications, including surgical simulations. Barbi? presented Vega—named after Slovenian mathematician and physicist Jurij Vega—this week at Siggraph 2012 in Los Angeles. (PhysOrg)(University of Southern California)(Vega)

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