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Twitter Launches Two-Factor Authentication for SMS

Twitter announced the launch of two-factor authentication via short-message service, designed to improve users’ account security. Two-factor authentication works by providing users with a second, one-time login by text message they use with their password. This makes it more difficult to access an account with only a password. Twitter users may now voluntarily implement the security feature, which several major technology providers such as Facebook and Google already offer. In recent months, hackers have targeted Twitter by using stolen passwords to access high-profile organizations’ accounts and posting false messages. For example, attackers compromised the Associated Press’ Twitter account and posted that the White House was under attack. This caused the Dow Jones to plummet briefly, until it was announced that the posting was false. Security experts say the additional Twitter security is helpful but won’t prevent all possible hacks, including man-in-the-middle or phishing-based attacks. (Tech Crunch)(The New York Times)(InformationWeek)(Twitter)

Apple Security Exploit Uncovered

Almost immediately after rolling out new two-step verification security, Apple discovered a vulnerability that could enable hackers to easily reset an account password via its iForgot service using only the user’s e-mail and date of birth. Any user who had not enabled two-factor authentication was not vulnerable. The exploit for bypassing the security questions was detailed and widely shared online. It had reportedly originated with a Chinese-language hacking website, although it was later published in English. The new security was intended to protect Apple ID and iCloud account users, including iTunes. The new security is available in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Apple claims the vulnerability has been fixed. (The Verge)(ZDNet)

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