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Cisco Launching $1 Billion Cloud Initiative

Cisco Systems says it plans to spend $1 billion in the next two years on cloud computing services, mostly to build datacenters, expected to be on line in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia this year. The company plans to deliver its Cisco Cloud Services through partnerships with Australian telecommunications provider Telstra, IT distributor Ingram Micro, and Indian IT company Wipro. “Here’s the reality behind the moves: Cisco wants to be an IT partner of choice for the enterprise. The problem for Cisco was that it was selling gear to enable cloud computing but not offering services,” wrote Larry Dignan, editor-in-chief of the business technology news website ZDNet. He said, “The big question is whether Cisco’s cloud efforts ring true to IT buyers or just sound like a case of ‘me, too.’ ” InformationWeek said the service is intended “to serve as a backbone for the Internet of Things.”  (Reuters)(ZD Net)(InformationWeek)

Security Flaws Discovered in Telstra Broadband Routers

A consultant has found a flaw in a line of broadband routers from the telecommunications company Telstra that could let hackers access supposedly secure networks.  Italian-based security consultant Roberto Paleari  found usernames and passwords hardcoded in the routers, which hackers could use to access the device’s administrative console and the local network.  Paleari reported the flaw to Telstra and to SC Magazine, which didn’t report the issue until Telstra and vendor Netcomm, which sold Telstra its routers, developed and fully tested a firmware fix. (SlashDot)(SC Magazine)

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