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Judge Denies Marvell Request to Reduce Jury Award

A US federal judge has denied a request by Marvell Technology Group to cut $620 million of a $1.17 billion jury verdict against the company for patent infringement. This was reportedly the third greatest US patent-infringement penalty since 1995. A jury found that Marvell infringed on two Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) patents for technologies designed to improve the accuracy with which hard-drive circuits read data from high-speed magnetic disks. . The company asked the court to reduce the resulting penalty, saying the university “unreasonably delayed pursuing its claims for patent infringement,” according to Reuters. The CMU researchers developed their technology between 1995 and 1998, applied for patents in 1998, and received them in 2001 and 2002. Marvell worked on the technology that was the subject of the lawsuit between 2001 and 2003. CMU, which owns the patents, filed suit in March 2009, claiming at least nine of the company’s devices used the patents without licensing. The court found Marvell earned $10.34 billion in revenue and $5.05 billion in profit by using the university’s patents. US District Judge Nora Barry Fischer said Marvell willfully infringed the patents, making the $1.17 billion award potentially subject to being trebled by the court. (Reuters)(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)(Carnegie Mellon University) 

Apple Granted Patents for Hover Technology, Heart Rate Monitor

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted two patents to Apple related to smartphone technologies. The first is a method for touch-and-hover interaction with a device screen while the second is for an embedded heart rate monitor. Although the hover technology is not new, the patent is designed to increase its accuracy. Meanwhile, the heart rate sensor allows a device to read a user’s heart rate, but could provide the capability on much smaller devices than are currently on the market, according to Apple observers. (Venture Beat)(Tech Crunch)(Apple Insider)

Samsung EU Antitrust Case Nears Settlement

Only minor changes are reportedly needed before an offer submitted by Samsung is approved by European regulators, resolving a pending antitrust claim against the company, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. If approved, the settlement would close the EU’s two-year investigation and might let Samsung avoid fines of up to $17.3 billion, or 10 percent of its 2012 revenues. The EU’s claim involves Samsung’s patent-related dispute with Apple. The EU accused Samsung of using court injunctions against Apple to thwart competition, thereby breaching European antitrust regulations. (Bloomberg Businessweek)(Slash Gear) 

Computer-Technology Patents Increase in 2012

The number of patent applications for computer-related technologies filed worldwide in 2012 increased by 18.6 percent—from 11,974 to 14,205—over 2011, according to an analysis by Sweet and Maxwell, a publisher of legal information. The firm found that many of the filings involved technologies used by smartphones and tablets. Sweet and Maxwell said many also involved graphene, a substance made of carbon that is the focus of considerable research because of its useful electronic, optical, and other properties. In 2012, the European Patent Office received 258,000 patent applications—many from Japan, Chinese, and Korean organizations—a new record that was 5.7 percent more than in 2011. (BBC)(The Telegraph)(European Patent Office)(Sweet & Maxwell)

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