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Software Tool Renders Real Action Figures from Digital Animations

Graphics researchers have created a software tool that enables the transformation of animated characters into action figures that 3D printers could produce. The add-on tool—which Harvard University, Technische Universität Berlin, and Cornell University scientists developed—lets users determine the possible locations for joints in a physical representation of a 3D animated character. It then optimizes their size, type, and location of the joints to allow a printer to produce the character. The software can decide, for example, whether a particular area should have a hinge or a ball-and-socket joint. The tool can also transform a low-resolution skin texture typical in an animated character to a more realistic surface texture for a 3D figure. The researchers are patenting the work, which they published in Association for Computing Machinery Transactions on Graphics and will present at the ACM Siggraph conference on 7 August 2012. (PhysOrg)(Association for Computing Machinery Transactions on Graphics)

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