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Finnish Firm Developing Crowdfunded Tablet Computer

Jolla, a Finnish start-up created by ex-Nokia software developers, announced plans to create a crowdfunded tablet computer. The company was founded by Nokia’s former MeeGo software team, jettisoned by Nokia in 2011 when it moved to Microsoft Windows Phone software. Jolla launched its first smartphone last year. The new tablet’s open operating system is based on Meego technologies, and is now named Sailfish. It works via swipe and enables users to see multiple live apps simultaneously. Within hours of the announcement, Jolla raised more than $500,000 for the tablet on Indiegogo, though its goal was only $380,000. The company is using crowdfunding as a means to get user feedback for additional tablet features and other improvements. Early investors were able to able to purchase a tablet for $189. The tablets—available in Europe, the US, India, China, Hong Kong, and Russia—should be shipped in Spring 2015. (Reuters)(CNET)(Jolla @ Indiegogo)

Tesco Launches Low-Cost Tablet in British Market

Britain’s Tesco grocery and retail company plans to release a low-priced tablet computer in the UK designed to drive consumers to the company’s online-shopping and digital-entertainment sites. The Hudl device runs the Android Jelly Bean OS, and has a seven-inch screen and 16 gigabytes of storage. It sells for £119 ($190), or £60 ($96) with a store shopping card. The device gives users access to Tesco’s online shopping and banking sites; its Blinkbox movies and TV on-demand service; Clubcard TV; music streaming; and e-book services. Hudl will compete with devices such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, and Apple iPad mini. (Reuters)(ZD Net) 

US Tablet Adoption Nearly Doubles in a Year

One in three US residents owns a tablet, nearly doubling the adoption rate in the past year, according to a newly-released study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. In 2012, according to the Pew research, roughly 18 percent of US  adults aged 18 or more owned a tablet. It also found that 56 percent of households earning at least $75,000 per year owned one. “One of the things that is especially interesting about tablet adoption compared to some of the … other devices we’ve studied is how these technologies’ growth has played out between different age groups,” said Pew research analyst Kathryn Zickuhr. “With smartphones, for instance, we’ve seen a very strong correlation with age, in which most younger adults own smartphones regardless of income level. But when it comes to tablets, adults in their thirties and forties are now significantly more likely than any other age group to own this device.” The survey of 2,252 US adults was conducted in English and Spanish via telephone between 17 April and 19 May 2013.  (The Washington Post)(Tablet Ownership: Pew Internet and American Life Project)

Amazon Expands Kindle Sales Worldwide

Amazon has announced that it is expanding sales of its Kindle tablet computers worldwide, making it available in about 170 countries, and launching its Appstore in nearly 200 countries. These moves are designed to promote the Kindle sales and servicesoutside the US. Some analysts noted the expansion should also attract more application developers to the platform. Until now, the Kindle Fire had limited sales outside the US. Amazon does not disclose sales data, but it is the world’s fourth-largest seller of tablet computers, according to market-research firm IDC. Despite limited distribution, it reportedly sold 1.8 million Kindle units in the first quarter of 2013 alone. (AFP)(CNET)(Tech Crunch)(Amazon.com)

Analysts: Tablet Sales Growth Continues; Will Surpass Desktop, Laptop Market

A new study by analysts from Gartner Inc., a market-research firm, shows that tablet sales continue to grow and should exceed those of desktop and laptop computers combined by 2015. Gartner predicted that tablet sales will reach 2.4 billion units this year, an increase of 9 percent compared to 2012; and roughly 2.9 billion by 2017. The analysts also said the market for notebook and desktop computers will decrease by 7.6 percent in 2013. The report stated that the Android operating system will become increasingly important, with 861 million of this year’s 2.4 billion new tablets running the OS. The study also predicted that Microsoft's Windows will be in 354 million devices, Apple OS X and iOS in 293 million, and RIM's BlackBerry OS in 31 million. “While there will be some individuals who retain both a personal PC and a tablet, especially those who use either or both for work and play, most will be satisfied with the experience they get from a tablet as their main computing device,” stated Gartner research vice president Carolina Milanesi. (CNET)(Computerworld)(Gartner)

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