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Problems Continue for Sites Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The New York Times and Twitter were among the sites hacked Tuesday by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), causing problems that are persisting in what is reportedly the group’s most damaging attack to date. The group of hackers—aligned with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in his two-year civil war -- altered numerous websites’ domain-name-system information, which resides on the same third-party site. The SEA gained access to Melbourne IT, the domain registrar’s, database, then edited the DNS information so that it would direct unsuspecting Web surfers to sites hosted by the hackers, who publicized their attacks using social media. This is the second time this month that the New York Times site has gone offline. The first was reportedly the result of an unspecified internal issue. (BBC)(TIME) 

Reuters Is the Latest Target of Pro-Government Syrian Hackers

The Thomson Reuters corporate Twitter account is the latest news organization to fall victim to hacking by the Syrian Electronic Army, a group sympathetic to Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad in the country’s ongoing civil war. The group previously disrupted feeds from the Associated Press, the BBC, Financial Times, and the US’s National Public Radio, among other organizations. The hackers posted messages and graphic cartoons to the corporate Twitter account. However, Reuters’ breaking-news Twitter feed was not affected. This marks the second time the Syrian Electronic Army has hacked Reuters. It also recently disrupted the messaging services Tango and Viber. (PC Mag)(The Atlantic Wire)(CNET)

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