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Belarus Tops List of Countries Blacklisted for Spam

New research from security firm Cloudmark finds that Belarus has become a popular location for spammers, with 27.4 percent of all IP addresses in the Eastern European nation blacklisted as potential spam sources, more than any other country. This marks a big increase over the 5 percent of addresses in the nation that were blacklisted in January 2013. Researchers at security vendor Sophos say Belarus is also the leading country for spam sent per capita. Although Eastern European nations—Belarus, Romania, Russia—now head the list of nations with the largest percentage of blacklisted net addresses worldwide, the US remains the largest single spam source based on the number of IP addresses available. (BBC)(PC Mag)(Cloudmark)

India Tops List of Spam-Originating Nations

India has now become the world’s leading spam creator. Security vendor Sophos found that 11.4 percent of all global spam is now sent from Indian-based computers, an increase from 7 percent in 2010. Sophos attributes the uptick to the growing economy and middle class, and better local broadband access. An average of 7 million India-based computer users—many using insecure technology such as pirated software or outmoded operating systems—gain Internet access each month. According to Sophos, the leading spam-relaying countries and the percentage of global spam they send between April and June 2012 were:

1. India: 11.4 percent
2. Italy: 7.0 percent
3. South Korea: 6.7 percent
4. US: 6.2 percent
5. Vietnam: 5.8 percent

(PhysOrg)(The Los Angeles Times)(Sophos Naked Security Blog)

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