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New Social Network Takes on Facebook

A new social network originally intended for use by about 90 friends is now open to others and has generated considerable interest in what industry observers call an anti-Facebook backlash. The invitation-only Ello website -- https://ello.co/   —which has gained attention in part because it has no advertisements—is now receiving roughly 31,000 requests an hour from people wanting to join. Ello CEO and cofounder Paul Budnitz opened the site, which is still in beta, to those beyond his immediate circle of 90 friends on 7 August, but the site is still in beta. The site is spare and white, with plenty of space given to photographs. Ello plans to eventually sell users access to special features, which it has yet to develop, to generate revenue. (BBC)(TIME)(Bloomberg Businessweek)

US Agency Monitors Social Media for Impending Pandemics

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as part of a year-long $3 million project, contracted with vendor Accenture to test technology designed to monitor open social networks for indications of possible pandemics. In announcing the project, Accenture said it wants to prove that social media can be analyzed for the early detection of public problems such as infectious-disease outbreaks or nuclear emergencies. Among the sites DHS will monitor include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various blogs. The NextGov US-government news website reported that DHS has tracked social media previously “in the interest of public safety.” The discovery of this type of tracking has caused controversy and triggered legal action from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. (SlashDot)(NextGov)

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