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Major US Carrier’s Internet Service Restored after Massive Outage

Time Warner Cable’s Internet service was knocked out across the US for about 90 minutes Wednesday morning. Millions of customers—primarily in key markets of California (including Los Angeles), New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas—were left without service. In a statement, the company explained, “During our routine network maintenance, an issue with our Internet backbone created disruption with our Internet and on-demand services. Industry observers say this incident could bolster arguments made by those opposing the pending merger between Time Warner and Comcast, the country’s largest cable TV provider.  “People are questioning whether this merger will be good for consumers,” Steve Beck, founder of the management consulting firm CG42, told the Los Angeles Times. Service interruptions happen. The world is an imperfect place, but it really comes down to how these companies handle the problem and resolve their customer's complaints.” (re/Code)(The Los Angeles Times)

Bug Throws Wrench into Google Image Searches

Computer users in many parts of the world trying to find images via Google for eight hours on 26 August 2014 were served up repeated images of a grisly Russian car accident and photos of NBA star Kevin Durant rather than those they sought. The problem affected Google encrypted searches, which are now the default search mode, across multiple Google domains. In a statement sent to ZDNet, the company said only that the issue was caused by an accident. A source familiar with the issue said it was the result of a bug in Google’s software. Google didn’t comment on exactly what precipitated the problem. (TIME)(ZDNet)

Yahoo Mail Suffers Extended Outage

Yahoo Mail experienced an outage for days following hardware-related datacenter problems. The problem has been more difficult to repair than initially expected, according to Jeffrey Bonforte, Yahoo’s senior vice president of communication products. Users unable to access their e-mail have taken to social media with their frustrations. Yahoo has not provided information about the number of users affected, but it is yet another public-relations black eye for the service, which reportedly has about 100 million daily users. An October redesign sparked user complaints about the interface’s changes, specifically the removal of useful features from the service in favor of clunky new features. Larry Dignan, editor in chief of business technology news website ZD Net, wrote “Simply put, Yahoo Mail is an IT disaster. … Yahoo is a bit cocky and doesn’t think complaints will matter in an actual revolt.” (PC World)(ZD Net)(Reuters)(CNET)(Yahoo!) 

Google Repairing Another Application Glitch, this Time in Messaging

The Google Hangouts instant messaging service is delivering messages to unintended recipients. There apparently is no pattern as to the messages’ senders or recipients. The technology, formerly known as Google Talk, is part of the Google+ Hangouts platform, released in May 2013, which offers instant messaging and video chat. The ZDNet news website reports the error occurs in PC-based Google Apps for Business accounts that have not yet switched to the new Hangouts platform as well as mobile versions of the application. Users are given no indication that their message is going to an unintended recipient. Google acknowledged the three-and-a-half hour-long problem via its Apps Status Dashboard. Google has not provided additional details as to when the issue would be resolved. Earlier in the week, Google’s Gmail had operational problems. (ZD Net)(Google Apps Status Dashboard)

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