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Tool Calculates Potential Value of E-Mail to Hackers

A new research tool scans a user’s Gmail account to calculate the potential benefit hackers could realize by exploiting the account and then stealing and selling valuable personal information. The Cloudsweeper tool, created by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, uses the Open Authentication protocol that allows the tool to connect to a Gmail account and search through messages. It then provides a list of the number of retail accounts connected to that address, which include sites such as Amazon or Groupon, that attackers could seize should they gain access. The tool then consults its database and calculates the account’s value based on their current black-market resale price to hackers who want to use the data to steal money or for other illegal purposes. (SlashDot)(Krebs on Security)(Cloudsweeper)

Technique Provides Better Cloud Security

University of Texas, Dallas researchers have developed a technique that enables a computer to monitor other machines within a virtual network, thereby enable better protection for computer systems using cloud computing assets. The “space travel” technique sends data from the memory of one computer to another outside its home system using a secure virtual machine. Researchers say this exact copy of the computer operating system that exists in the virtual machine is secure, enabling existing security tools to be used by individuals monitoring a cloud-based network to defend a computer from hackers. The researchers say the technique can be used, for example, by federal investigators to determine what a suspect’s computer is doing even when they are physically away from it and without having to purchase special, expensive software. They presented their work at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. (EurekAlert)(University of Texas, Dallas)

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