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Microsoft Ends Tag, Licenses Technology to Scanbuy

Microsoft announced it will halt support for its proprietary barcode known as Tag; however the technology will be licensed to  Scanbuy starting no later than September 18 of this year. Developed in 2007, the technology competed with traditional barcodes and QR codes. The encoded images combined triangles and color to provide as much as 3,500 characters per square inch. The technology also was able to collect information about the devices and people scanning Tags, which allowed for additional analytics to be provided for each Tag. Scanbuy will reportedly be supporting certain Tag components starting 18 September 2013. (GigaOM)(Engadget)

QR Code Used to Hack Google Glass

A security flaw in Google Glass that would let hackers  gather information from the head-mounted display has been uncovered. Lookout mobile security researchers were able to use a vulnerability associated with how the device processes images and looks for QR codes in every image. If a QR code is detected, it is decoded to determine whether it specifies a Wi-Fi network to connect to and establish an Internet connection, regardless of whether the code only appears in a portion of the frame. “We created a QR code that told Glass to connect to a Wi-Fi network of my choosing and started sending data to that,”  Marc Rogers, principal security analyst at Lookout, told the Guardian. “We could become the middleman, and if we needed to, strip out the encryption on the connection. Then we could see the pictures or video that it’s uploading. We could also direct it to a site on the web which exploits a known vulnerability in Android 4.0.4… which hacked Glass [as] it browsed the page.” It could be the first time an image has been used to take advantage of a vulnerability. Google has fixed the flaw. (The Guardian)(SlashGear)(PC Mag) 

Many More European Smartphone Users Scan QR Codes

New market research finds that European smartphone users are scanning QR codes much more frequently than in the past. comScore, an online-traffic measurement firm, found that QR scanning has increased 96 percent in the past two years. The firm surveyed users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Use among German smartphone users reportedly increased 128 percent during a three month period ending July 2012 compared to the same time period in 2011. Those surveyed said they use QR codes primarily for product information but also sometimes for details about events. Spanish users were most interested in using the technology for receiving coupons or special offers. Spain is the fastest-growing European market for QR-code use. QR barcodes consist of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. (PhysOrg)(comScore)

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