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Linux Proponents Fight Patents Threatening Open Source Software

A group known as Linux Defenders is using the law to identify and fight US patents that, they say, threaten Linux and other open source software. The group—which the Open Invention Network, Software Freedom Law Center, and Linux Foundation created—is using the recently passed America Invents Act to examine newly published patent applications. If one appears as if it could cause problems for open source software, Linux Defenders files defensive publications, documents describing existing technology that would invalidate some of the pending patent’s claims, to be read by US Patent and Trademark Office examiners during the review process. Linux Defenders has filed about 200 of these defensive publications. The concern is that either the granting of broad patents or those duplicating existing open source technology could damage open source applications. The threat is very real. “One good loss at trial on a serious set of patents could make Red Hat go away. It would be gone,” Tom Callaway, Red Hat's Fedora engineering manager, told Ars Technica. “That’s the seriousness of patents and that’s how chilling they are on our industry.” (SlashDot)(Ars Technica)

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