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New Chip Uses Various Power Sources

MIT researchers have developed a chip able to use different power sources simultaneously to optimize power delivery. The chip operates with solar power and also harvests power from thermal sources and vibrations through a single control circuit, which enables the chip to have a constant source of power. Each energy source would traditionally need its own circuit as each method produces a different amount of energy. The new chip switches rapidly between each power source. Any excess is stored in capacitors for eventual use. Rather than directing the power created to a storage device such as a battery or a supercapacitor, the sensors in this new system can be directly powered, making it more efficient, say researchers. The technology could be used in biomedical devices as well as remote and difficult to reach monitoring sensors. The work is scheduled for publication in IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits. (PhysOrg)(MIT News Office)(IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits)

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