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Toshiba Cuts Jobs in Restructuring of PC Operations

Toshiba is restructuring its PC business eliminating 900 jobs in the process. The company has not said which consumer computing markets it plans to withdraw from. The company plans to end its business-to-consumer offerings – hardware intended for individual and, typically, home use --, but expand its business-to-business segment, which focuses on computing hardware companies purchase for their enterprise users. Toshiba predicts sales in this segment will grow by 50 percent in fiscal year 2016. It is unclear how or whether Google Chromebooks, which Toshiba makes, are affected in the restructuring. “The PC market is expected to see a continuing trend to modest growth rates, and these transformation measures are necessary to support the business in securing consistent profits,” Toshiba said in a statement. This is the Toshiba’s second restructuring this year. It previously restructured its visual products business. (Reuters)(ZD Net)(MarketWatch)

Intel Unveils Wireless Docking Station

The future of personal computing does not include wires and cables, according to Intel. With this in mind, the company is showing its WiGig docking station that provides power to mobile devices and other technologies. The technology is based on the high-speed WiGig wireless-communications standard, which enables data transmission at speeds up to 7 Gbits per second, and immediately connects to any devices within its short range, confined to a single room.  Intel expects to introduce the technology commercially by 2016. (ValueWalk)(Gizmodo)(CNET)

Mobile PCs Spur Demand for Thin Hard Drives

More interest in thinner and lighter personal computers is expected to drive demand for thinner storage devices. Mobile PC shipments, worldwide, should be 133 million units by 2017 according to a new analysis by IHS, which says 5.0- and 7.0-millimeter HDDs should displace 9.5-mm drives now found in mobile devices. Analysts forecast shipments of 9.5-mm HDDs will decline from 245 million units in 2012 to 79 million in 2017. In addition to thinner HDDs, analysts anticipate solid-state hybrid drives to be increasingly used in ultrathin PCs and tablet PCs. IHS also expects SSD shipments to grow by roughly 90 percent to 64.6 million units while HDD shipments should decline to 545.8 million units, a loss of 5 percent. The full details appear in a recent Storage Space Brief from IHS. (ZDNet)(IHS) 

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