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European Commission Still Unsatisfied with Google Anti-Trust Proposal

Google has failed to improve concessions to settle a European Union investigation regarding anti-competitive behavior. Without settling the charges, it faces formal charges and a fine of as much as $5 billion. Google has been under investigation for three years regarding complaints from competitors that it has blocked them in search results. Joaquin Almunia, commissioner for the EU, says Google has a short time in which to submit a satisfactory proposal as its revisions did not allay concerns including how it presented results in specialized or vertical searches. Google had offered several concessions  including allowing competitors to display their logos and making their web links more prominent to users and also decreased the bids for paid advertisements on search results. The European Commission hopes to close the case in spring 2014. (The New York Times @ The Boston Globe)(Reuters)

Preliminary Antitrust Finding Made Against Google Subsidiary in Europe

Google’s Motorola Mobility, a telecommunications equipment maker, is abusing its dominant position in the EU by seeking and enforcing an injunction against Apple in Germany related to mobile phone patents, according to an initial antitrust review by the European Commission. The EC launched its investigation to determine whether Motorola Mobility is abusing its industry-essential patents to prohibit sales of products by competitors. Motorola Mobility reportedly sought an injunction against Apple in Germany regarding use of a patent related to the European Telecommunications Standardization Institute’s General Packet Radio Service standard for data, despite Apple’s offer to pay royalties. The patent in question is The EC preliminarily found that Motorola’s actions harm competition and result in less consumer choice. The next step before the EC makes formal antitrust charges is for the parties to submit responses to the initial findings and request a hearing. (Computerworld)(The New York Times)(European Commission)

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