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Market Research Firm Expects Further Drop in PC, Laptop Shipments

Analysts at market research firm IDC have significantly revised its forecasts for computer shipments, now predicting that PC shipments will drop 7.8 percent in 2013 and that tablet sales will surpass laptop shipments this year, earlier than anticipated. IDC attributes the trends to consumer adoption of smart mobile devices. Analysts had originally forecast a 1.3 percent decrease in PC shipments in 2013. IDC said PC shipments will drop from 148.3 million in 2012 to 134.4 million this year to 123.9 million in 2017. Originally, the firm did not anticipate that tablet shipments would surpass laptop sales until 2014. The company now forecasts that 229.3 million tablets will sell in 2013, up nearly 59 percent from a year ago, while notebook shipments will total 187.4 million. (USA Today)(Bloomberg Businessweek)(IDC)

Market Research Firm Blames Windows 8 for PC Sales Drop

Analysts with IDC, a market research firm, say Windows 8 is responsible for the recent significant drop in PC sales by confusing consumers. The new operating system “not only failed to provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market,” according to a statement from Bob O’Donnell, IDC Program VP Clients and Displays. According to IDC, global PC shipments dipped 13.9 percent through the first three months of 2013, compared with the same time period last year. This is the largest drop since the firm began tracking quarterly desktop-computer sales in 1994. O’Donnell added that, although some consumers seem to appreciate the new capabilities, “the radical changes to the [user interface], removal of the familiar Start button, and the costs associated with touch have made PCs a less attractive alternative to dedicated tablets and other competitive devices. Analysts originally forecast first quarter 2013 PC sales would dip 7.7 percent. This is the fourth consecutive quarter of year-over-year shipment declines. (SlashDot)(ABC News)(ZDNet)(Mashable)

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