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Rambus, Hynix Reach Infringement Settlement

After a 13-year patent-infringement battle, technology companies Rambus and Hynix have reached a settlement. SK Hynix, a South Korean memory-chip manufacturer, agreed to pay Rambus $240 million over a five-year period starting in the third quarter of 2013 to license its memory and interface technology, as well as some DRAM products. The case originated in 2000. A US federal judge ruled in September 2012 that the Rambus patents are valid and Hynix should pay royalties for past infringement. The companies then resolved all outstanding legal claims between them. Rambus still has pending patent issues with Micron Technology and STMicroelectronics related to its system-on- chip-technology and has entered into licensing agreements with other companies as a result of patent case settlements. (Computerworld)(Businessweek)

White House Announces Crackdown on Patent Trolls

US President Barack Obama has announced various executive actions and recommendations designed to stop abuses from patent trolls and patent exploitation. Patent trolls are companies that buy patent portfolios solely to make money by suing firms they accuse of infringement. Frequently, sued companies agree to settlements out of fear that a jury trial could result in huge damages, even if they believe they didn’t infringe on any patents. A Boston University study found that patent trolls cost US businesses $29 billion in 2011, according to The Hill, a newspaper that focuses on the US Congress. Critics say the practice is unfair and ties up resources that companies could use to design useful new products. They also say that trolls utilizing the patents they own only to file lawsuits keep companies from making good use of the technologies involved. Among Obama’s patent reforms are more training for patent examiners and the creation of educational materials to help businesses that patent trolls target. (Mashable)(The Hill)(The Washington Post)

Judge Sets Samsung Hearing for December

US District Court Judge Lucy Koh has set a 6 December hearing on punitive damages in the Apple-Samsung litigation over patent infringement, recently decided in favor of Apple. The jury in the case awarded $1.05 billion to Apple after finding that Samsung “willfully” infringed on six Apple patents. Koh could award triple damages because the infringement was deemed willful. At the 6 December hearing, Koh is also slated to decide whether to ban eight Samsung Galaxy and Droid phones from the US market based on the jury finding that they infringe upon Apple patents. The jury actually found that 28 Samsung devices violated six of Apple’s patents, but many are no longer on the market. Samsung has asked the court to dissolve a preliminary injunction on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer after the jury found it did not infringe on Apple’s iPad design patent. (AFP)(BBC)

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