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Researchers Demonstrate Painted Lithium-Ion Battery

Rice University scientists have created a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with components that can be spray painted on a surface. They developed paints for each of the five layers of the battery: two current collectors, a cathode, an anode, and a polymer separator. The researchers then tested the paints’ adhesion by airbrushing them in layers on ceramic bathroom tiles, flexible polymers, glass, stainless steel, and a beer stein. They tested their concept by painting nine bathroom tiles and linking the resulting batteries to power LEDs for six hours. They then recharged it with a small solar cell. According to the scientists—who are refining their work and patenting the technology—the batteries should scale, could be designed as reconfigurable snap-together tiles, and could be used with solar cells and other technologies in energy-harvesting applications. Their work appears online in Scientific Reports. (Science Daily)(Rice University)(Scientific Reports)

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