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Study: Many NYC Tech Jobs Don’t Need Employees with Four-Year Degrees

A new study of “accessible” technology jobs in New York City finds 44 percent – about 128,000 jobs – don’t require candidates to have a Bachelor's degree. Kate Wittels, a director at HR&A Advisors, a real-estate and economic-development consulting firm, wrote the report, which assessed tech-specific jobs and those jobs supported by technology. Among the jobs not requiring a four-year degree are computer user support specialists, customer services representatives, telecom line installers, and sales representatives. The study did not examine who holds those types of jobs and whether people with those types of jobs are under-employed. Many people holding these types of non-degree jobs may have degrees. New York Computer Help, for example, says roughly 75 percent of its 25 Manhattan-based employees hold a Bachelor’s degree and half are in IT-related subjects. (SlashDot)(Computerworld)(The New York City Tech Ecosystems)

New York Transforms Driver Rest Areas into Text Stops

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that the state will designate texting zones in rest areas on major state highways to prevent and reduce texting-related accidents. Drivers caught using handheld cellular devices to talk or text in New York face stricter penalties than in the past, including a $150 fine and five penalty points, instead of the previous three, added to their driving records. (News LI)(The Los Angeles Times) 

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