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Researchers Model Graphene Nanoantenna

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have successfully modeled graphene nanoantennas that could be the basis for wireless network communications between nanoscopic devices. The technology could be used to create nanomachine communication networks with applications in biomedicine, industry, and the military as well as to improve the communication of conventional devices. The researchers say graphene could generate a type of electronic surface wave able to power antennas one micron long and 10 to 100 nanometers wide to do the work of much larger metallic antennas. The material overcomes several challenges inherent in metallic antennas, including their limited range and power-hungry operation. The graphene devices will operate between 0.1 and 10 terahertz and use energy-harvesting technology to power their operations. The researchers say they intend to make a graphene nanoantenna and demonstrate its operation using a graphene-based transceiver. They are slated to publish their work in the IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications. (SlashDot)(IEEE Spectrum)(Georgia Institute of Technology)

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