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CEOs Use Trade Show to Hype Internet of Everything

The Mobile World Congress trade show, held recently in Barcelona, became Ground Zero for the Internet of Things as technology executives shared their vision for what a connected life might look like in a few years. The term Internet of Things describes a network of computers, smartphones, and everyday devices such as thermostats and home appliances that can connect to the Internet and communicate with one another. Leading the discussion was Cisco CEO John Chambers, who said the Internet of Things may have five to ten times the impact on society as the Internet has until now. He claimed it will create $19 trillion in economic benefit and value in the next decade. In addition to Chambers, Joe Tucci, EMC’s CEO, and Jasper Wireless CEO Jahangir Mohammed and other executives extolled the Internet of Things’ benefits. (CNET)(Computerworld)


Mobile PCs Spur Demand for Thin Hard Drives

More interest in thinner and lighter personal computers is expected to drive demand for thinner storage devices. Mobile PC shipments, worldwide, should be 133 million units by 2017 according to a new analysis by IHS, which says 5.0- and 7.0-millimeter HDDs should displace 9.5-mm drives now found in mobile devices. Analysts forecast shipments of 9.5-mm HDDs will decline from 245 million units in 2012 to 79 million in 2017. In addition to thinner HDDs, analysts anticipate solid-state hybrid drives to be increasingly used in ultrathin PCs and tablet PCs. IHS also expects SSD shipments to grow by roughly 90 percent to 64.6 million units while HDD shipments should decline to 545.8 million units, a loss of 5 percent. The full details appear in a recent Storage Space Brief from IHS. (ZDNet)(IHS) 

Amazon Expands Kindle Sales Worldwide

Amazon has announced that it is expanding sales of its Kindle tablet computers worldwide, making it available in about 170 countries, and launching its Appstore in nearly 200 countries. These moves are designed to promote the Kindle sales and servicesoutside the US. Some analysts noted the expansion should also attract more application developers to the platform. Until now, the Kindle Fire had limited sales outside the US. Amazon does not disclose sales data, but it is the world’s fourth-largest seller of tablet computers, according to market-research firm IDC. Despite limited distribution, it reportedly sold 1.8 million Kindle units in the first quarter of 2013 alone. (AFP)(CNET)(Tech Crunch)(Amazon.com)

Market Research Firm Expects Further Drop in PC, Laptop Shipments

Analysts at market research firm IDC have significantly revised its forecasts for computer shipments, now predicting that PC shipments will drop 7.8 percent in 2013 and that tablet sales will surpass laptop shipments this year, earlier than anticipated. IDC attributes the trends to consumer adoption of smart mobile devices. Analysts had originally forecast a 1.3 percent decrease in PC shipments in 2013. IDC said PC shipments will drop from 148.3 million in 2012 to 134.4 million this year to 123.9 million in 2017. Originally, the firm did not anticipate that tablet shipments would surpass laptop sales until 2014. The company now forecasts that 229.3 million tablets will sell in 2013, up nearly 59 percent from a year ago, while notebook shipments will total 187.4 million. (USA Today)(Bloomberg Businessweek)(IDC)

Survey: Global PC Sales Likely to Drop in 2012

New research from market-analysis firm IHS iSuppli anticipates worldwide PC sales in 2012 will drop for the first time in 11 years. The firm expects PC sales to drop 1.2 percent to 348.7 million units. Sales in 2011 were 352.8 million. “There was great hope through the first half [of this year] that 2012 would prove to be a rebound year for the PC market,” stated Craig Stice, IHS’s senior principal analyst for computer systems. “Now three quarters through the year, the usual boost from the back-to-school season appears to be a bust, and both AMD and Intel’s third-quarter outlooks appear to be flat to down. Optimism has vanished and turned to doubt, and the industry is now training its sights on 2013 to deliver the hoped-for rebound.” Tablet sales and smartphone adoption are eroding PC sales. Some market watchers predict sales of tablets will overtake those of PCs by 2016, if not earlier. Stice claimed there is some possibility the market could rebound on the coattails of Windows 8 adoptions in 2013. (PhysOrg)(CNET)(iSuppli)

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