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New Sensor Converts Pressure into Light

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have created a sensor able to convert mechanical pressure into light signals that could be captured and processed optically. This could be used for gathering signatures or fingerprints. The sensor could also be used, say researchers, in applications such as biological imaging and creating MEMS systems such as human-machine interfaces, although they offered no detail as to how these sensors might be used in these applications. The device consists of zinc oxide, light-emitting nanowires that act as tiny LEDs when under pressure, based on a concept called piezophotronics. Their output changes based on the pressure applied. When there is no pressure, there is no light. The differences in the strain on the device create different amounts of light. A sensor could send the resulting light signals within a system that includes photonic components, such as chips, for data transmission, processing, and recording, ultimately enabling the analysis and determination of the amount of pressure applied. The researchers published their work in the journal Nature Photonics. (EurekAlert)(Georgia Institute of Technology @ EurekAlert)

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