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UK Researchers Build Supercomputer from Raspberry Pi Units, Lego

It might seem like child’s play, but University of Southampton computer scientists have built a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi computers and Lego. The team, led by Professor Simon Cox, was assisted by James Cox, Professor Cox’s 6-year-old son,  who lent his expertise on Lego and also conducted system testing. The Iridis-Pi consists of a racking system built with Lego and has 64 processors and 1TB of memory. Professor Cox is using Python Tools for Visual Studio to develop code for the system, which will cost less than £2,500, excluding switches, to construct. The system successfully passed its first test: calculating Pi. The team is providing information about their project so others can construct their own supercomputers. (PhysOrg) (University of Southampton – press release)(University of Southampton)(The Raspberry Pi Foundation)

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