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Facial-Recognition Blocking Glasses Designed

Japanese researchers have developed prototype glasses they call a “privacy visor” that are designed to stop users from being detected by hidden cameras using facial-recognition software. Designed by National Institute of Informatics and Kogakuin University researchers, the glasses use a near-infrared light source to create noise that ultimately confuses the software during the facial-recognition process, but the wearer’s vision isn’t impeded. Conventional goggles were augmented with a near-infrared light and power pocket supply. The researchers say the glasses should prevent the “secret and unintentional capture” of a user’s image and subsequent facial recognition, which might be used to obtain other personal information without the user’s consent. (BBC)(National Institute of Informatics)

Japanese Researchers Create Material for Self-Powering Sensor Array

Researchers from Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Japanese R&D firm Ajinomoto have built a pressure sensor array with a new ferroelectric material that they made from polyamino acids. This would enable such arrays to be produced en masse at an affordable cost, say researchers. Typically, pressure sensors are costly to make and are not suited for production in arrays. This and the limitations of the sensor array size have prevented the technology’s adoption. The researchers are trying to develop a self-powering sensor array in which a battery would be used to store the energy generated by the material, which is also piezoelectric. The researchers are trying to enhance the sensor array’s performance and reduce its size. They presented their work at the 42nd International Electronic Circuits Exhibition in Tokyo. (PhysOrg)(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

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