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Gates Working on Technology for Preventing Camera Intrusion

Microsoft cofounder and current technology advisor Bill Gates is working on technology for “detecting and responding to an intruding camera,” according to GeekWire. He has been awarded one patent and is working on another. Gates and 17 others -- including Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft chief technology officer who founded the patent holding company Intellectual Ventures, and several principals with Intellectual Ventures-- invented the Unauthorized Viewer Detection System and Method technology in response to privacy concerns arising from the greater use of video cameras for surveillance in public places as well as in personal products such as Google Glass. After detecting a camera, the technology edits or blurs the images taken by the camera while in range of the new technology to obfuscate the user’s image from being gathered or else alerts the user to the camera. It is not clear whether Gates will commercialize the technology.(SlashDot)(GeekWire)

Decoy Password Strategy Could Protect Users

Security researchers say mixing honeywords—decoy passwords—along with a real hashed password could prevent hackers from accessing websites and online services. Ari Juels, chief scientist at security firm RSA, and cryptographer and MIT professor Ronald Rivest say that storing multiple possible passwords on a system could not only provide security but also determine when an intrusion is occurring. Passwords are now considered a weak security strategy in part because users make poor password choices. This approach uses a honeychecker system with information about which passwords are legitimate and which are honeywords. This system stores randomly selected integers that point to the location where the password is stored to check whether a user is entering the correct password. If attackers accessed the honeychecker, they could not find the password. Their presence could be detected when they attempt to use one of the honeywords to access the system. (ZDNet)(The Honeywords Project)(MIT CSAIL)

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