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Survey: 15 Percent of US Adults Say Internet is Irrelevant, Difficult to Use

A newly released survey of US adults finds that 15 percent of adults still don’t use the Internet because it's not relevant to them or else it’s too difficult to use. The percentage of adults remaining offline because it is too difficult to use is now greater than in previous surveys, noted the findings of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. The study found that of adults who don’t use the Internet, 34 percent said it wasn’t relevant to them, defined as they are either not interested, don't want to use it, or have no need for it. An additional 32 percent said it was too difficult or frustrating to go online. The remainder of adults polled cited barriers including the expense of the computer or Internet access or a physical lack of availability. Among the concerns they expressed was fear of spam, spyware, and hackers. Princeton Survey Research Associates International conducted the telephone survey of 2,252 adults for Pew in English and Spanish between 17 April and 19 May 2013. (PC World)(Pew Internet & American Life Project)

Report: Seven Million Britons Have Never Used the Internet

New UK Office of National Statistics research found that 7.1 million of the nation’s 50.6 million adults have never used the Internet. The study said that the disabled and elderly were most likely not to have gone online. Disability and income remain the greatest barriers to access, according to the report, which found a million more UK adults came online since 2012. Northern Ireland has the lowest rate of Internet use: 79 percent. Almost all UK residents 16 to 24 years old use the Internet, compared to just 23.8 percent of those at least 75 years old. The Office of National Statistics publishes the report quarterly. (BBC)(Office of National Statistics)

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