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ICANN Signs Pact for Non-Roman Domain Names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced it signed agreements with three organizations that will operate generic top-level domains using non-Roman alphabet characters. This will allow domain names using Chinese, Russian, and Arabic language characters to operate. The agreements were made with three firms that will operate four different domains. The signing occurred during the opening of the organization’s annual meeting on 15 July 2013 in Durban, South Africa. (CNET)(Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers)

ICANN Brand Database Intended to Thwart Cybersquatting

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers launched a centralized brand database designed to protect companies against infringement of their trademarked properties as new, generic top-level domains are launched. Trademarks can be used in the second-level domains, which occur “left of the dot,” such as “apple.tablets.” The Trademark Clearinghouse will list those trademarks verified by Deloitte to prevent third parties from registering domains opportunistically to gain from activities such as cybersquatting or conducting sales of counterfeit products. The trademark holders are allowed to register theirs before new gTLDs are launched and also are provided with a warning in the event one of their trademarks appears in a second level domain registration. Jan Corstens, a partner at Deloitte who will be overseeing the clearinghouse, told Reuters they have no idea how many trademarks will be registered or the types of trademarks that might be registered. He expects companies active in Western Europe, the US, and Japan to be the most active in the clearinghouse. The annual TMCH fee ranges from US$95 to US$150 per trademark. It remains unclear when the gTLDs will go live. (ZDNet)(Thomson Reuters News and Insight)

ICANN Approves New Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has approved and released a list of 27 new Top Level Domain names. All of these are reportedly non-English domain names, which are primarily Chinese and Arabic language domain names. At least one of these is designated for regional telcos. ICANN says it will be releasing 30 Initial Evaluations per week and will eventually release 100 per week. It expects to have all these published by the end of August 2013. (SlashDot)(V3.co.uk)(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - 1)(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – 2)

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