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Seagate Releases “World’s Fastest” 6-terabyte Drive

 Seagate now offers a 6-terabyte hard drive the company claims to be “the world's fastest,” with an operating speed of 7,200 rpm. This would make the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 25 percent faster than any competing drive of this size. Seagate designed the new 3.5-inch drive to meet the needs of corporate users, particularly cloud services providers. “Unstructured data growth is doubling exponentially and will propel the digital universe to reach 16 zettabytes (16 × 1021 bytes) of data by as early as 2017,” according to Seagate vice president of marketing Scott Horn. "This will cause cloud service providers to look for innovative ways to store more within an existing footprint while lowering operational costs.” Seagate increased the density of its drives from 831 to 1,000 bits per square inch, which means they are able to hold more data. This is a 50 percent increase from the previous generation of storage technology, according to Seagate. The new drive will also be available in 5-, 4-, and 2-Tbyte capacities and comes with self-encryption and a humidity sensor. Pricing details were not released. The drive will be available via Seagate’s cloud partners and resellers. (PC Mag)(Computerworld)(Seagate)

Physicist Wins Tech Prize for Digital Data-Storage Enhancement

Technology Academy Finland, an industry-government partnership, has awarded 1 million 2014 Millennium Technology Prize to physicist Stuart Parkin for his spintronics research, which enabled a thousandfold increase in magnetic disks’  data-storage density. Parkin, now the director of IBM-Stanford’s spintronic science center, was cited as an innovator who helped make “our contemporary online world largely possible." Spintronics relies on both the charge and magnetic spin of electrons, ultimately allowing a disk to store more data. This increased storage density has enabled technologies as diverse as cloud services and large datacenters as well as social networking and streaming media. The biennial technology award recognizes “innovations that improve the quality of people's lives. (The Associated Press)(The Telegraph)

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