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Hackers Increasingly Target Mining Firms

A new survey by the Ernst & Young professional services firm found that metals and mining companies are increasingly vulnerable to hacking. The study said the threats come from many sources including criminals trying to gain financially from supply disruptions through commodity pricing changes, rivals seeking business secrets, governments and state-owned firms looking to gain an advantage in contract negotiations, and antimining activists. More than 40 percent of surveyed metals and mining companies stated that they had seen increased external threats in the past 12 months. Most vulnerable were small or mid-size firms, which don’t consider themselves to be hacking targets. (Reuters)(The Australian) 

Scientists Develop GPS-Spoofing Countermeasures

Cornell University researchers have demonstrated countermeasures designed to protect GPS-based devices from spoofing that could give hackers control of the systems. In a display that the US Department of Homeland Security sponsored, the scientists showed how GPS spoofing would work on a mini-helicopter and how they could prevent it. In a spoofing attack, which the researchers say is a growing threat, false GPS signals are transmitted to a device. The target receives them as authentic, enabling the hackers to gain control of the device. The scientists showed how they could detect and then counteract the spoofing.  They plan to patent their approach. (PhysOrg)(Cornell University)

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