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Finnish Researchers Use Roll-to-Roll Printing to Make Memory

To lower the cost of flexible write-once, read-many (WORM) memory devices, Finnish researchers devised a way to print them en masse on a flexible substrate using roll-to-roll printing, a conventional technology that is well-understood. The scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland developed a silver nanopaste that functions as an ink that enables the storage of data in two forms of resistance that represent binary data’s ones and zeros. To test the function of a printed WORM card, they created ballots that a conference’s attendees could use to vote for the best booth at the event. The researchers did not reveal how well the technology worked. In addition to electronic voting, the researchers say their technology could have other uses such as storing medical records. They are working to improve the memory’s stability and capacity. They published their research in Nanotechnology. (PhysOrg)(Nanotechnology)


Researchers Develop Bendable Substrate

Researchers have created a flexible substrate in which they embedded single-molecule-thick electronic components. The Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul University, and Rice University scientists say their test polyimide substrate holds up to bending and twisting that would typically destroy other electronic devices. They created more than 500, 3-centimeter-square devices that connected through their terminals to a DC power source to determine whether they lost conductivity during the process of repeated bending. The researchers, who say there were no failures, note that they will continue their testing and that they hope their work will lead to a foldable cellular telephone. They published their work in Nature Nanotechnology. (PhysOrg)(Nature Nanotechnology)

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